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Sleepy Baby

My Story

Mother of 4 | Certified Coach | Educator

Hi, I'm Fionna.

Among all the qualifications and training I have completed over the years, nothing comes close to lessons motherhood brings me every day. It's the very reason I'm on this journey. My children have cracked my heart open and brought so much awareness to the stories and beliefs that I've carried with me since my childhood. I became acutely aware of my 'triggers' and knew deep down, the way I was parenting was going against my intuition. Sleep training, punishments and the 'naughty step', were a few of the mainstream approaches that I used in my early years of parenting. Mainly, because that's what I knew and that's what everyone else was doing, but something didn't sit right with me. I knew that when I punished, it was me that had lost control and I wasn't giving my children want they needed to thrive.

After lots of research I came across Dr. Gabor Mate. He was the missing link that connected all the information I had gathered and I knew his work would change my family's life.

I completed his training, a psycho-therapeutic approach called Compassionate Inquiry. I use this alongside my coaching services to bring awareness and curiosity to the beliefs and stories that were created in our own childhood's and ultimately shape how we show up in the world today, especially in relation to our children. 

I am also a qualified Primary School Teacher and a Home-schooling Mama.

If you'd like to know more about the sessions I offer, get in touch at

Authenticity vs. attachment

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